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Want real SEO results? One of the most trusted and well known SEO Company My Web Agent based in Melbourne offers innovative & proven SEO Services to improve your Google ranking & increase real website traffic which is converted in the leads. Call us for Quick Discussion 1300 723 371

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If you’re hunting down a real SEO company in Melbourne to help you get better leads from your website, you’ve come to the right place. At My Web Agent, we’re as hungry for success as you are and want to meet with you at your place of business, learn about your operation and what makes you special, & then become your best ally to achieve real world SEO results. It takes a lot of work and tenacity to get the best search engine results so you can’t settle for an apathetic or lazy approach.

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My Web Agent’s Unique SEO Campaigns

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of continually working with your website month by month to the eventual satisfaction of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. This is a competitive industry and you’re probably bombarded with phone calls from all over the world about “getting to the first page of Google.” So how exactly does our approach to SEO campaigns differ from other options you might have?

My Web Agent has become a more respectable SEO company in Melbourne because of a few simple factors:

  • We work hard for each client without overworking the system. Many competitors either don’t do enough or put a lot of outdated techniques in place that cause the search engines to red flag your website.
  • You can meet us face to face and see real examples of successful results we’ve achieved for other businesses in Melbourne.
  • You’ll have an open line of communication between you & your project manager.

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Why We Are Best at What we do


We start out by meeting you face to face to learn more about your company, goals, past marketing experiences, and other relevant information. Then we offer a realistic strategy that we feel would work best for you. In fact, we create & recommend an SEO plan that we ourselves would implement if we were in your shoes.

We’re not going to give you a quote for a max package if we can accomplish your goals for a fraction of that price. And conversely, we’re not going to offer a starter package if it won’t really help you compete against the big guys (when that’s your expectation).

We steer clear of high pressure sales tactics. It’s your business, and we want to help. But at the end of the day we really prefer to work with clients who understand the value of better online traffic and are willing to give it a solid effort. We want to align with you as business partners, in a sense, not just as the next SEO company in a long list of failed attempts.

If you speak with any of our clients they’ll tell you that we’re as hungry for good results as they are, and we really do care about the success of each and every SEO campaign we engage in.

If your current Search Engine Optimisation strategy feels a bit generic, that’s because it might be. SEO needs to be tailor made for your services, your city, your suburbs, your unique point of difference, with keywords that people are actually using. And believe it or not, not all SEO companies will factor these things in to your campaign. In fact many will just start optimising a client’s website without asking if they’ve chosen relevant keywords or not.

Increased traffic for the right search terms is the name of the game in SEO, and My Web Agent will help get you where you need to be and treat your campaign as if you were our best mate. It’s the only way we know how to go about our SEO services in Melbourne and in the end, everyone wins. More Information: About SEO

It’s important to work with an SEO company in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia that looks at the big picture. Your SEO company needs to know about web design. And your web designer will create a more powerful website if he or she understands how search engine optimisation works. And your web/SEO team needs to understand branding, creating a unique selling proposition (USP), pay per click, visual arts like photography and video, content marketing & social media campaigns, and so on. THAT’S EXACTLY WHO WE ARE!

My Web Agent is an SEO company that understands the value of incorporating the many facets of your business marketing endeavors, and we’re happy to work in conjunction with your other marketing experts or even handle it all for you, start to finish.

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My Web Agent’s SEO work process

Standing out in Google is no easy feat, but with My Web Agent, we can make it happen. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the best way to make your website stand out from your competitor down the street. As a competitive SEO Company in Melbourne, we will help you directly target people who are searching for your products or services. Over 2 billion searches are made on Google every day…where does your business lie in such a huge market of opportunity? With SEO, you can turn more clicks on your website into cash earned for your business.

Believe it or not, you didn’t just stumble onto our website by accident; it was likely the effect of organic SEO. At My Web Agent, we offer the best SEO in Melbourne to make sure we stand out from our competitors. We can help you produce the same long term, genuine results that will bring customers or clients directly to your business. With a dedicated team of SEO experts, we can create an exciting new website that will ignite your online presence. With personalised service and results that speak for themselves, you can rest assured that we are the number 1 SEO Company in Melbourne. We have plenty of clients that recommend My Web Agent time and time again for SEO in Melbourne. Just take a look at our testimonials page.

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What Our SEO Clients Have to Say

Greg from St Kilda Locksmiths: “I’d been using a good SEO company for quite a while and was fairly happy with the results. But when I switched over to My Web Agent, they took a much more proactive approach and were suggesting ideas to us, not just waiting for me to request things from them. In fact, they’re making website upgrades and even incorporating video to our campaign. I definitely recommend them.”

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SEO Work Process


We believe in taking a personalised approach to everything we do, which is why we meet you in person to find out more about your business requirements. To provide you with SEO in Melbourne that works, it is important for us to understand your business inside and out.

From there, we will work towards creating a custom SEO strategy that will work to elevate your business like never before. Unlike typical SEO companies, we will define your business goals at the very beginning and proceed intelligently based on this information.

Utilising My Web Agent is not like waving a magic wand to fix everything wrong with your online presence. To ensure that SEO works long term, it takes energy, drive, commitment, and time to succeed. As an experienced SEO company in Melbourne, we can help you with all these things.

At My Web Agent, we carry out a thorough assessment of your current online status and ranking. From here, we can ascertain exactly what needs to be done to provide you the very best SEO in Melbourne.

Are we like every other SEO company in Melbourne? Definitely not! We also know that your business is not like anyone else out there, which is why it is so important that you have a personalised SEO strategy relevant to your particular business.

My Web Agent does this for every single business we work with, no matter what industry. In order to implement a strategy for your company, we will look deeply into your target market to discover the competitiveness and search volume of your business type or industry. From here, we are then able to find the best course of action and most valuable keywords that will form the basis for your SEO marketing campaign.

We understand how busy you are running your business on a daily basis; however, we cannot stress how vital content is when it comes to winning battles against your competitors on Google.

To help websites climb the ladder of search results, My Web Agent helps populate your site with content that is exciting, original, and current content. This is exactly why we are your local SEO Company in Melbourne with a team of talented copywriters, ready to communicate your services with plenty of fresh content.

You may use Google every night when you go home, but how much do you really understand about its rules and regulations? Any SEO company can tell you from experience that Google is a cruel mistress, one that will penalise your business if you don’t conform to its strict guidelines.

This is why a devoted SEO company in Melbourne is so important to have on your team. My Web Agent will put actions in place to ensure that Google is on your side, and your business website meets all the criteria it needs in order to deliver a successful result. Our team will start by executing on-page and off-page optimisation to help ensure your website is favourable in all respects by Google.

My Web Agent the ideal SEO Company in Melbourne that will crunch the numbers every month to ensure you are performing at your peak. We consistently monitor your business website, and with our dedicated reporting, you will see how you are staying ahead of your competition.

With specialised Google experts, we will draft monthly SEO reports so you can see exactly where your website is sitting in the rankings.

For better or worse, Google is updating their algorithm all the time, so suddenly your business can get bumped off the first page and you have no idea why. All that time, effort, and money is suddenly wasted.

It is for this reason that My Web Agent keeps a close eye on what Google is doing and apply ongoing maintenance to safeguard your business so that it continues to rank well on Google.

If you wish to better understand SEO in Melbourne or you’re ready to get your business ranking higher in Google, contact the team here at My Web Agent today and work with a group many consider to be the best SEO company in Melbourne.

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